26 July au 4 August 2018


Amusement Park

Access over 25 of the most diverse rides from Amusements Spectaculaires promise to take you on a wild ride. There are attractions for the young, young at heart and for all tastes. They are included in the admission price, daily from noon to midnight and fun is guaranteed! 

New in 2017 for the 180th edition of l'Expo: there will be 3 new rides which were purchased this year, Bumper Car classic and Tornado (for teenagers and adults) and Groovy Bus (for children). Come and see them :)

Ride Height restrictions without an adult Minimal height with an adult
Booster Less than 52” N/A
Spring ride 36” minimum and 52” maximum N/A
Raiders Less than 52”  N/A
Hampton Jeep Less than 52” N/A
Hampton Motors Less than 52” N/A
Jolly Choo Choo Less than 52” N/A
Carrousel Bertazzon Less than 52” N/A
Super Truck Less than 52” N/A
Bumper Car
48” and more N/A
Sizzler 48” and more N/A
48” and more N/A
Paratrooper 48”and more N/A
Family Swing 48”and more N/A
Kite Flyer 48”and more N/A
Flying Elephant 48”and more N/A
Mini Scrambler 48”and more N/A
Dragon Wagon 48”and more N/A
Copter Command 48” and more N/A
Grande Roue 42” and more 25”
Traffic Jam 42” and more 36
Dizzy Dragon 42” and more 36
Sky Race 42” and more 36”
Groovy Bus
42” and more 42”
Super Slide 36” and more 36”
Crazy Balloune 36” and more Water play
Rainbow House Less than 52” Water play

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