27 July au 5 August 2017
180 ans de passion agricole


Brimbelle : Chante la ferme de Foin-Foin

Location: Lassonde Expo Bar 

The farm is a fascinating universe for the little ones! With her first CDs, DVDs and shows, author-composer-singer Brimbelle invites them to discover Foin-Foin’s amusing farm. Children will be charmed by 13 catchy songs, farm animals (chicken, cow, horse, sheep and many others) and their new friend Foin-Foin! Learning about farm chores, animal lives and food origins is a real pleasure with Brimbelle. With country and folk beats, she points out to the little ones the importance of products provided by Mother Nature. Young families will love this unique artist! 


Saturday, August 5 2017 from 03:15 P.M. to 04:00 P.M.

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