27 July au 5 August 2017
180 ans de passion agricole



Location: Lassonde Expo Bar

Karma is a musical project started in August 1998. It consists of six musicians, the majority of which have a college or university diploma in music. They all have significant experience on stage thereby ensuring the quality of their performance. 

The group has many shows to its credit, playing in bars, festivals as well as in corporate events throughout the province of Quebec and externally. Their broad music repertoire aims to satisfy a diverse clientele: from rockn’roll of the 60’s to rock from 2000, to disco, the 80’s and Quebecois music, Karma’s main objective is to ensure that your evening is a success. Their professionalism, energy and chemistry between members of Karma make this group a great value. 


Thursday, July 27 2017 starting at 09:30 P.M.

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