27 July au 5 August 2017
180 ans de passion agricole


Lendemain de veille en

Location: Lassonde Expo Bar

Lendemain de veille is a group originally from a very small town of Montreal South Shore.  It consists of 5 exceptional young musicians who have been setting the stage on fire for over 8 years, rekindling the fire of those who have blue blood running through their veins.  In their repertoire, we find the best Quebec songs and Top 40 of the past and present, Lendemain de veille’s mission is to make the crowd sing and dance as if tomorrow does not exist! May it be at Régates de Valleyfield, 2 Pierrots, and Woodstock in Beauce or in Uncle Marcel’s backyard, Lendemain de veille will make you swing!   

*Lendemain de veille has been on stage with some of Quebec’s most popular artists among them are: Kevin Parent, Kaïn, Robert Charlebois, Paul Piché, Les 3 accords, Éric Lapointe, Offenbach, Les Respectables and many others.


Wednesday, August 2 2017 starting at 09:30 P.M.

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